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and its historic past

In the town of Messensee, after which a house of knights was also named, as the name states, there once was a sea or lake that an Urbar (a medieval legal register defining ownership of property) from the Freising diocese and the Hofmark Innichen (a definition of property boundaries for the municipality of Innichen) from 1360 identified as follows: “From a lake called Messensee, which serves 2,500 fish, half of which belongs to the bishop and was left as a “Trotzler” to a fiefdom along with six Berner pounds.”

This interest is unusually high and can therefore signify the volume of the wealth of fish in the lake. After the 14th century, this lake is no longer mentioned in any of the following, the Urbaren (several legal registers) from Hofmark Innichen, the reign of the Heinfels, individual records or the map since 1600. The lake must have dried out by the 15th century. It was presumably located in the valley floor of the Drau, below the present dayvillage ofMessensee. The “Moos in den Riegeln ob Messensee und enhalf des Wassers” from Drau is mentioned still in 1423.

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