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Strasserwirt **** Tyrolean Manor House

Tradition & History

Today – since 2009 – family Bachmann is the owner of the hotel. The daughters Astrid and Judith Bachmann direct the establishment with respect for the tradition while simultaneously being open to modern times.

The foundations of our hotel are dating back to the 6th century, according to research experts from the Vienna University. Old parts of the former walls were discovered during reconstruction works. Some excavation objects are on display on the raised ground floor. A giant rockslide in the 11th century buried a big part of the building. Today’s main building was constructed on exactly the same place. The ancient “Stube” parlor dates back to the year 1744. At that time, the house was owned by Franz Xaver Ambrosius Mayr, who as already mentioned, fell into such great debt during the construction of HolyTrinityChurch that all his possessions had to be auctioned. The following proverb that hangs in the parlor enables us to envision something of his character and to highlight the humor of his time: “I love these kind of guests, those who discuss things cordially, those who pay me loyally and fairly and those who leave in peace”. The next new owner of “Strasserwirt” was Antonius Gasser, a citizen from Lienz who followed his son Bernhard. This family was not blessed with luck and went bankrupt.

Andrä Bürgler purchased the property by auction on 7 September 1837.The “innkeeper in the street” was both a guesthouse for conductors up until the year 1872 when the Pustertalbahn (A railway running through the Puster valley) was built and it was also a reloading point for freight and goods. The fact that the current commercial building once was a part of a farm is evidenced by the name “Kofler Labe” (Labe= corridor). That’s how the storage room was named. The year 1619 is written above the former entryway. 1955 Eckhard Bürgler took over the property from his uncle. His sense for conserving tradition and his duties towards his inheritance, which he saw as a mission, created a work of art that harmoniously unites the new building constructed in 1986 to the tradition of the original house., afther this daughter was directing the house for over 20 years.

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