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Bruck Castle

In his work ‘The state of Tyrol. A handbook for travellers’ a Tyrolean topographer described Bruck Castle, the former residence for the Counts of Gorizia, as ‘worthy of a prince’. And he was right. The town of Lienz seems to have been seen in a similar light, after all Bruck Castle has been owned by the town since 1942.

It is not just an exceptionally impressive building, it also something like a ‘home’ to the well-known East Tyrolean painter Albin Egger-Lienz. Bruck Castle, which one of the places you MUST see, houses the most extensive collection of work of this exceptional artist. Bruck Castle has, to put it mildly, a long and chequered history behind it and the route to today has been a long one. Between 1252 and 1277 it was built as a residence for the Counts of Gorizia. In 1500 the last of the Counts, Count Leonhard, dies and the castle fell to King Maximilian I through an inheritance contract, who handed over the castle a year later to Baron Michael von Wolkenstein-Rodenegg.
Other owners – the ‘Haller Damenstift’. While under Emperor Joseph the castle was even used as a field hospital and as barracks. After a few other

changes when in 1942 the town of Lienz gained governance of the castle and from then on has been the new lord of the castle. Good fortune for art lovers. The current exhibitions really are a sight to behold and provide a variety-packed abundance of artistic positions. The Lienz region and East Tyrol are themes time and again. All in all, you can’t not pay a visit to Bruck Castle during your next visit to East Tyrol.
Ein modernes Schlosscafe und eine idyllische Sonnenterrasse mit dem Blick über Lienz bieten Erholung und ein ganz besonderes Ambiente im Sommer. Im Museumshop findet man Herziges, Schrulliges, Kostbares und Besonderes.

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