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You’ll have heard this – Lienz describes itself as a sunny town and maintains that the south begins here. A lot can be said and written, and there is a whopping 2020 of sunshine a year on average and a real Mediterranean style in the town.

Stroll through the town in summer for a while and you’ll quickly notice that there is no more appropriate way to describe beautiful Lienz. And since mankind does not live on sun, southerly location and sunshine alone, Lienz also has so much more to offer. Lienz is a very charming small city with some 11,883 inhabitants, where at every turn the past and the lively present meet. Lienz was described as a town in 1242 by Bolzano notary Jakob Haas. From the flat axe dating from 2000 B.C. to Lienz’s significance in the early and High Middle Ages, its history has been diverse and eventful. From 1900 the population has grown considerably and with that Lienz has slowly become what it is today.

You can of course busy yourself with the history of Lienz, but you by no means have to. You will notice that Lienz didn’t just appear yesterday and wasn’t built in a day. The town has been through lots of transformations and changes. In the last few decades there have been numerous make-overs, traffic-calming and revival of the down town areas. And with great success. These days anyone who strolls through the town, keeping their eyes and ears open, will find a town in full bloom. You never get the feeling that you are just in one of the many small towns, but you always know where you are. Lienz is more of a hub and a small, charming metropolis and has retained its own very specific character.

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