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Wildlife Park Assling

Those for whom the animals in the wild in East Tyrol are too fast and who would prefer to get closer to them in a wildlife park, should pay a visit to Assling wildlife park.

Its fantastic location on Pustertal’s sun terrace is also a great reason to visit this wildlife park. But probably the best reason is that you can get close to so many animals here, in a compact area, than barely anywhere else. The 80,000 m2 wild animal enclosure has more than 100 quadrupeds, which otherwise sojourn in the alpine fauna, their second home.

And it has to be said – Assling wildlife park is definitely not a zoo. You just have to have a little bit of patience to clap eyes on the animals. This area really is quite something and might well be described as being rambling. But, with a little bit of patience, restraint and the requisite respect you’ll see, marmots, racoons, lynx, wild boar, martens, eagles, ibex, deer, chamois, ducks, snakes and fish… a whole smorgasbord of the animals of this area are assembled here, waiting to be discovered. Yet you might also see fewer animals and more visitors, since some of the inhabitants are active at night and only come out in the protection of the night-time and can be seen. Children and adults alike will be inspired that they can stroke and also feed the animals. And the educational forest trail also familiarises children in a hands-on way with the protective role the forest plays. Yet Assling wildlife park is not just educational, a summer toboggan run also provides the appropriate fun factor. A large adventure playground provides time-out for children who want to play and little mascot “Flitzi” can often be seen dashing past the animal enclosures. While children really let off steam in the adventure playground, parents can have enjoy something a bit more leisurely and take a look around the farm shop.

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