Strasserwirt **** Tyrolean Manor House

The Lyrical Garden

Pure summer romance – cosy corners, hidden niches, splashes of water and bird chirping.

As part of the “Cultural Quarters” in the Strasserwirt, the Lyrrian Garden in the Strasserwirt was designed and designed together with Hans Salcher – well-known painter, poet and life artist. Designed according to the basic rules of Feng Shui, when you walk in, you immediately embrace a very special calm and harmony.

Hans Salcher writes about this

Lyrical Garden/Silence Will Make the Garden Talk/
and I may plant some/thoughts in/
what do you want to write/I think already/write/
the flower/will warm the heart/garden/
will let peace/ bloom/ and hope it blooms/
a garden of creation/that spirit and form/
unite/and a thriving/
meadow in the middle of the/Strasserwirt.”

Today, the Lyric Garden in Strasserwirt is a retreat oasis par excellence. It greens and blooms, it hums and splashes, an ideal place to leave the time behind and easy to listen to.

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