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Strasserwirt **** Tyrolean Manor House

The Lyrical Garden

Pure summer romance – secludes corners and niches, splashes of water and bird chirping.

The Lyrical Garden in the Strasserwirt was designed together with Hans Salcher, a famous painter and poet from Osttirol. The garden was designed according to the basic rules of Feng Shui. When you enter the garden, you immediately embrace a very special atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Hans Salcher writes about the Lyrical Garten

“Lyrical Garden/the silence will make/the garden talk/and I may plant some/thoughts /what do you want to write/I think/write/the flower/will the heart/heat/the garden/will make peace/ bloom/and I hope it will bloom/a garden of creation/that spirit and shape/unites/and a blooming/meadow in the midst of/Strasserwirt lies.“

Today the Lyrische Garten in the Strasserwirt is a retreat oasis par excellence. It greens and blooms, it hums and splatters, an ideal place to pass the time and just listen.


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