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Strasserwirt **** Tyrolean Manor House

The Strasserwirt is culture!

Strasserwirt stands for deeply rooted culture. A building deeply rooted in history and tradition,
a family-run house offering a truly unique insight into cultural highlights.

You will find loads of ancient paintings, images, statues and other art objects spread all over the Strasserwirt – including also modern attractions in the fields of culture, crafts and arts.
Lectures (in German), exhibitions, meetings and music evenings are scheduled on a regular basis.

Exhibitions are held by local painters like Hans Salcher, one of our personal friends, and masterpieces of Oswald Kollreider, an honorary citizen of Strassen. The new “Kollreider Suite“ is dedicated to this great artist, in teh entrance room you can admire all his collected works owned by the Strasserwirt. We are proud of all these cultural attractions and look forward to introducing you to our hotel’s deeply rooted history!

Our guests are always in the center of attention.

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